Exfoliation is important before any spray tan appointment. Be sure to exfoliate thoroughly the night before, as well as shave. It's important to remove all dry + dead skin, as well as prior spray tan (if you are tanning back-to-back). Be sure to show up to your appointment with clean skin - this means no deodorant, lotion, makeup or perfume on the skin.

Please always try to book your sprays at least two days prior to your event - tanning too close (day before/of) may result in your tan being underdeveloped. Once rinsed off, our solution may take up to a full day to display its full + final color. If you must book the day prior to your event, we highly recommend our rapid option.

Be as comfortable as possible when you show up for your spray tan. We won't judge you if you show up in pajama pants! Loose, comfy clothing is best, as well as comfy, closed-toe shoes. Underneath, you may tan in a bra/underwear, a bathing suit, or you may choose to tan in our disposables.

Of course you can! Rain or snow just means you'll need more protection. Bring an umbrella + a jacket or hoodie with you, as well as closed-toe shoes. Covering up as much as possible will prevent the rain or snow from streaking your spray.

Mani/Pedi/Wax/Etc. appointments should all be done before your spray tan. Doing any of these things after puts your tan at risk for stripping + streaking.

A lot of our clients opt for our 8 hour solution, which means most of them end up going to sleep in it overnight + then washing it off in the morning. We suggest preparing for that by making sure you have darker sheets on the bed, a long sleeve top + pants, socks, and also not touching your skin to avoid any rubbing. (For any face touchers, wear socks on your hands to avoid messy palms in the morning. Trust us, it works!)

Don't panic! That's just the bronzer. You want to make sure you thoroughly rinse all of that additional color off during your first shower. Afterward, you will notice most of your tan is gone. It has to redevelop back gradually. It can take up to 24 hours for your true color to return, which is why we always suggest spraying up to two days before an event.

A gentle cleanser is best. We recommend our cleansers, available for purchase at Water2Moon. If you do not purchase one of our cleansers, please make sure to check that your soap contains no oil or oil-based products in it. Oil will strip + streak a spray tan. Avoid all exfoliating soaps, as well. Any exfoliation will prematurely fade a spray tan.

Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize! We can't stress enough how important it is to keep your skin smooth and hydrated when you have a spray tan. Make sure you are using an oil-free moisturizer daily - once in the morning, and once before bed. Also, avoid long, hot showers, loofahs and scrubbing, chlorine or saltwater, or high intensity workouts. These things will all cause your tan to fade sooner.